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May 11th, 2015 in Uncategorized

A New 365 Plan


Do you remember “The West Wing”, the TV drama about the American presidency? A few years ago, I watched an old episode from the sixth season called “365 Days”: Leo, the Chief of Staff, calls a meeting of the team and writes 365 on a whiteboard. He challenges every member of the team to carefully consider what he or she wants to accomplish with his or her powerful positions in the year, or 365 days, they have remaining. Isn’t that an interesting notion?

Couple that with the Buddhist belief discussed in Stephen Levine’s book, “A Year to Life”: In the teaching of the Buddha, we should draw death closer to us, rather than pushing it away, by being more intentional about our choices. For example, it’s the month of May and if this were going to be my last May, what would I want to do with it? Not in a morbid, get-ready-to-die-soon way, but in a let me use these May days in the best way possible.

I am trying to use my days in the best way possible. I am trying to pay better attention. Why not join me? Find a way to make better, more intentional choices about how you spend your time. Maybe try making your own 365 plan.

My plan for May includes more hikes by the Potomac River. Maybe a trek up Old Rag Mountain. I’m going to plant my herbs in flowerpots on the patio. And work on new poems.¬†That’s all I have so far.¬†I’m still working on it.




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