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Get Unstuck and Find a New Way
September 15th, 2014 in Uncategorized

How to Get Unstuck #1

What is stuck?

Not knowing what to do.
Can’t go forward, can’t go back.
Backed into a corner.
Not enough energy to make a move in any direction.
Frustrated that your normal problem-solving brain is not coming up with a solution.

Stuck can manifest itself as a symptom of what you have done to manage the stuck. You are drinking alcohol too much, taking drugs (prescribed or illegal), eating too much or too little. Your behavior is masking the bad feeling of being stuck and you are getting further stuck because now you have to consider how to stop.

The process of moving from stuck to unstuck starts when you begin to notice what you are doing and thinking. Questioning yourself is a great step forward because then you are not so convinced that what you are doing is the only thing you can do. Curiosity can lead to a series of experiments to see what will make a difference; what could make a difference.

Step One is Breathe Deeply.


Sit down.

Spine straight, deep breath.

As you exhale, count to yourself, “20”.

Breathe again, exhale, and count to yourself, “19”.

Keep counting until you get to zero.

As you pay attention to your breathing, you will get distracted over and over. This is not a sign that you are doing it wrong or that you cannot focus your attention. The point of practicing breathing is to notice these distractions and to just return to the breath over and over again.

This is a very simple way to meditate.

It’s like doing stomach crunches — it’s exercising the brain in a new way.
Have you already decided that this dumb and you don’t have time for it?
This is (fill in the blank) psychobabble?

Well, that’s how you stay stuck.

Why not just try?
See what you notice and check back in for Step Two.

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